The Hit TV Show, “DOUBLE CROSS” will feature our new, "YOU'RE ROYALTY T-shirts this season.

I can tell you, but when you start believing it.  OOOOOOH!!! The power that you have access to is other worldly.  You are a unique work of art.  However you choose to see yourself. God looks at you and is proud of His work.  I promise. You’re Royalty.



Your WALK. Your slang is mocked, but copied. Your dopeness moves the world. Our culture is magnetic. It is special.  We make the mistake by thinking that our history started as slaves. Naaaah…we came from a long line of KINGS & QUEENS. Listen to me: There’s ROYALTY in your bloodline. KNOWING YOURSELF IS FREEDOM. When I greet you as Royalty…walk in it. Because you are.  



Humankind owes its deepest respect to the woman. With a unique strength and beauty that comes in different shades and sizes. The brand salutes her accomplishments and affirms her resilient spirit. QUEEN, "You're Royalty"!


You're A Queen

When I get up in the morning i make a conscious choice to not dwell in my yesterday.  I’m grateful for TODAY.  I too will be the light for someone else because my light flows and glows without an apology.  I'M A QUEEN!



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